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Information och agreements

Agreements (2012-08-08):

By placing an order at you automatically accept these terms and conditions.

Order and Payment:

When you place an order at you accept that you should pay the amount of the products you have purchased. We normally send your order the same day or the day after your payment is recieved. Your order must be payed within 3 business days after you have placed your order, if this is not possible, please contact us. There are no problems if it takes a few days extra, but please contact us to let us know that the payment is on it's way.


We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases, therefore you can cancel your order within 14 days after you received the goods. The products need to be in the same condition as when purchased.
If you wish to cancel an order you must contact us first before returning the goods. Refer to your order number when contacting us. You pay the return shipping.

Refer a friend:

The discount that you get while being refered by a friend may change. You agree that we have the right to change the discount percent and the sum that you have to pay over to be able to refer to another person at any time. If the discounts have been abused it will be corrected or removed. If you are not using any discounts for over 3 months, we will have the right to remove the discounts that are connected to you if necessary.

Only new customers may refer to an earlier customer. If several customers refer to the same customer, the refered customer will have more discounts to use, the customer will not get a higher percent. Discounts are collected, everytime the customer makes an order 1 discount is removed and the others saved for later use.

Shipping Information:

To find out your shipping cost, place your desired products in your shopping cart, and click "Check Out". Your order will not be sent until you have filled in all the necessary information.

Very well packed.
Regardless of what you order, your items will be as well packed as possible. Since 2012-06-25 we only use boxes for our orders(Letter and box). The items will be packed with bubblewrap and styrofoam pellets.
All items are also individually packed in ziplocked plastic bags for protection against moisture and wear (Important! These bags are not intended for storage, if you wish to store your items in them, please punch holes in the plastic bags so that the items inside can breath).
Sometimes we also reuse boxes and packingmaterial for enviromental purpouses, but in some cases also because an item might not fit in any of our standard boxes.

Grading C1 to C10:

Our grading is following the common condition scale C1 to C10, where C1 is the lowest possible condition and C10 is the absolute best condition.

MOC(Mint On Card) and MISB(Mint In Sealed Box) are also graded after box, bubble, card, item ex. (C6-B6-A10) Cardback-Bubble-Actionfigure. In this case the card and bubble are C6 and the figure inside is C10 Mint.

If an item have been graded C10 Mint, we can guarantee that it is as good as if it was just opened, there are no flaws on it. C10 is very rare in our shop, since collectors may have different opinions of what is mint. Production was hard on the items and many already had wear when leaving factory. Which means that we grade items that could be considered mint as C9.5 NM(Near Mint). Contact us if you are unsure if a product will reach up to your expectations.

Because every product is unique this is just a rough list, always read item description so that you know every known defect about the product.

  • C10: Mint, new condition.
  • C9.5: Near mint. Very good condition. None or very little wear.
  • C9: Very good condition. Almost no wear.
  • C8.5: Good condition.
  • C8: Good condition.
  • C7.5: Fairly good condition. Played with.
  • C7: Fairly good condition. Played with.
  • C6.5: Bad condition. Several defects and clearly visible wear.
  • C6: Bad condition. Several defects and clearly visible wear.
  • C5: Very bad condition. Product is most likely damaged, is broken or have major wear (C5 and below is not sold in the shop unless it's a very special item).

We are not legit toy graders but have over 17 years of experience and always grade critically.
If a product for some reason does not reach the condition that it was set as, then we accept returns.
Returns internationally will be refunded once the item comes back to us.

Storing Personal Information(PUL):

You agree that store your personalinformation. When you place an order at your personal information will be stored in our database. does not share this information, it is stricly used for our own purpouses and calculating discounts. The information stored are Name, Address, Phone, E-mail and what you ordered.


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